Introduction to Chakras
with Warrior Yoga

5-8pm at SoulSpeak Yoga 

(1226 Wellington St W) on March 30th.

This workshop will by held by Warrior Yoga’s cofounders,
Ida Farneman and Cassie Connor.

Through their new series of monthly workshops we will have the opportunity to explore different topics within yoga & healing.

At our first workshop we will begin to explore the chakras through an introduction to chakra philosophy, followed by a chakra-focused meditation and flow. 



Introduction to the Chakras with Warrior Yoga

Learn about the 7 chakras by exploring the causes and consequences of their imbalance, how the chakras function when in balance and how to keep them balanced regularly. Our chakra-focused meditation will use techniques to guide you through all 7 chakras in the mind, followed by a chakra-focused flow which will allow you to connect with each chakra through movement. We will have the opportunity for tea & questions towards the end of the evening.


We will be reserving 5 spots for Warrior Yoga students or for those who cannot financially access this event.

Please emai for more information.

People can purchase tickets on our website at this link:


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