Root + Rise

Become rooted in the foundations of your practice as we wake the body, mind & soul.

All levels welcome. 

Sunrise Stretch + Flow

Start your day feeling rejuvenated and energized. This is a vinyasa based class in which we concentrate on deeply stretching the muscles within our bodies.

All levels welcome. 

Soul Flow

Let your love flow. This vinyasa style class invites the body through a series of mindful movements, flowing together in synchronicity with the breath. Soul Flow is more than just a yoga class, we integrate stretch, strength & balance that will explore both the physical and spiritual aspects of your being.  Leave all expectations at the door and let your soul be the guide as you free your body + open your mind.

All levels welcome. 

Hip-Hop Flow

Calling all YoGangsters, this is the class you’ve been waiting for. From the classics to Cardi we vibe out. Roll out your mat and let the beat guide your flow.

All levels welcome. 

Slow it Down

We take our sweet time in this slow moving, alignment cueing, beginner friendly, flow for the soul. New to yoga or just getting back into your practice? This class is perfect for you.

All levels welcome. 

Core Flow

The same vinyasa style flow you love with a deeper focus on strengthening the core.

All levels welcome. 


Your bodies official invitation to move. PowerSoul is a vinyasa based class that focuses on strengthening and toning the body.

All levels welcome. 

Level Up

An advanced vinyasa style class for the seasoned yogi looking to deepen + strengthen their practice. Here we take postures to the next level as you challenge your balance, strength, and flexibility. 

Move n Meditate

This is meditation in motion. Tap into your consciousness as we guide you through a slow mindfulness based flow.


Yinned Out

Surrender to stillness. In yin we slow everything down, allowing for a gradual and safe opening of the joints, tendons, ligaments, and fascia within our bodies. Postures are held for an extended period of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body while ensuring for optimal relaxation.  We’re all about balance, so we highly recommend Yin as a counter to our more powerful, movement based classes or any other elements of your active lifestyle.

Soul Sundays Detox

On Sundays we detox. Get ready for some flowy, sweaty, soulful goodness – leave it all on the mat. Don’t worry, we’ll mop it up after.

All levels welcome.

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