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Welcome home

This is SoulSpeak Yoga.

A boutique, community based yoga studio located in the heart of Wellington West, Ottawa. 

We offer modern classes for evolving souls.



Take up to 7 classes in studio classes/week. One Class/Day. Cancel Anytime/Non Refundable. In Studio Access Only. Auto-Renews.


Take up to 7 classes in studio classes/week. One Class/Day. Full Access to SoulSpeak Online LIVE. Cancel Anytime/Non Refundable. Auto-Renews. 

This membership is subject to availability!

The limit to how many memberships we will sell during this time ensures that there are enough class spaces for students. 

Sign up today and memberships will automatically activate on Monday November 9th.


  • Mask on until you’re on your mat.
  • If you have personal belongings ask our front desk staff for a bin + number tag.
  • Change rooms are off-limits
  • Please bring your own mat, water, towel + props.
  • Please do not enter if you are feeling sick or have been out of the country in the past 14 days.
  • No in-studio payments (Online booking only)
  • Mats are distanced 10 feet apart.
  • All staff will be required to wear a mask, with the exception of teachers leading from their mat.
  • New ULV fogger system cleans in between classes using a solution that is all-natural, no-rinse, food-safe, surface safe, alcohol-free, not harmful to humans, animals, or plants and there are no known side effects.
  • Washroom’s will be cleaned after every use.
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Cancellation Policy + Online Booking


Cancellation Policy: If you cannot make it to a class that you have signed up for, the class must be canceled 5 hours prior to the class start time. Late cancels & no shows will be subject to a $20 fee, no exceptions during this time.


Waitlists:  If you are on the waitlist and you are moved into a class, it will be assumed you are still able to attend the class. If you no longer wish to come to the class, please remove yourself immediately to avoid late cancellation or no show fees. If you are moved off the waitlist, you will receive an email or text. If you do not receive class update emails or texts from SoulSpeak, please update this from your Mindbody App, or contact us immediately. 


Online Booking: All classes must be booked online either using the SoulSpeak Mobile App or through our website. We will not be accepting walk-ins during this time.

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Practice with your favourite SoulSpeak teachers from the comfort of your home. All classes are live streamed from our studio to you. To view our live schedule, please follow the link below. 


With over 35 classes a week, a variety of styles and teachers, you’ll be sure to find a class you love. Mats are distanced 10 feet apart for all in-studio classes.