A space to stretch, sweat, sit & savasana whether you’re here to move or here to meditate, our mission is simple

SoulSpeak is a studio for all, a place where you can fully be YOU.

A space for the Yogis and the Non-yogis, the Newbies and the Gurus, the Warriors and the Happy Babies, the Yoginis and the YoGangsters. Our class styles offer a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking to unwind, power up, slow down, tune in, or vibe out.
It’s time to believe in yourself the way we believe in you, to let go of expectation, to become inspired, to speak your true self, and let your soul guide the way.


Don’t sweat it. The only thing you need is yourself – this may sound cliché but we are serious. All you need to do is show up.

Our studio is fully stocked with props for all your yoga needs, from blocks to straps to bolsters. Mats and towels will also be available to rent for $2 a use or you can pay $10 a month for the convenience of unlimited service. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and leave whatever expectations you have of yourself at the door.

Why We Practice 

Why Yoga? We can almost promise you’ll leave our studio feeling more energized than you did walking in. Yoga is all about strength, balance and flexibility in both the body and the mind. We offer a variety of styles, but here are some of the benefits you can typically expect from one of our classes – increased flexibility/mobility, muscle strength and full body toning, improved energy, circulation, digestion and respiration, protection and recovery from injury and sense of well being and peace both physically and mentally.


The Energy Exchange Program

We at SoulSpeak Yoga stand by our belief that this is a space for everyone, we also understand that financially, yoga is not accessible to all. Our community would not be the same without the incredible team of energy exchangers that keep our studio running every single day. This team is more than the familiar face greeting you as you walk into class – they keep our space clean, our plants watered, our diffusers full and our hearts warm from sunrise to sunset. Our team is built of over 40 EE’s, each and everyone offering something special in their own unique way.

We’re looking for friendly, hardworking individuals who are enthusiastic about yoga, health and the wellbeing of others. If you’re interested in a position working 3.5 hours a week in exchange for free yoga we would love to meet you!

Creatives Program 

We’re looking for photographers, graphic designers, cleaning enthusiasts, plant fanatics, artists of all kinds, social media gurus, anyone and everyone who believes they can make a difference in elevating our space. In attempts to make yoga more accessible and more welcoming to our community in Ottawa, we want to offer free yoga to those who believe they can offer a valuable, unique or creative skill to our always evolving, magic little space.

Let’s keep making the magic happen.

There are no wrong applications – whatever your ideas may be, we want to hear them.

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